Reasons To Record Phone Calls

The ability to record your phone conversations can provide you with several advantages:

  1. The phone conversation could assist you in providing information for legal matters (Court, police, etc.). Please refer to the Blog: Phone Recording Legality.
  2. If the caller provides technical information (A doctor, lab tech., lawyer, etc.) that should be saved and will probably be referred to at a later date.
  3. The caller provides you information such as street directions, phone numbers, etc. that you might refer to in the future.
  4. Many recording devices provide you with not only the recorded information but with time, date, duration, etc. These devices usually make it very convenient when you need to find a conversation in the future.
  5. Many verbal agreements take place on the phone and therefore a recording can provide a binding contract.
  6. Many times parents must reluctantly utilize recorded phone conversation to protect their children. The legality of this is debatable but deemed necessary by parents sometimes.
  7. Backup and proof of phone order entry for a business.
  8. If you use your phone answering machine when you’re not available then your phone recorder will also capture the call which would provide you with a long term archive and the ability to listen to the messages in a more convenient manner.
  9. Phone recordings can be referred to in situations in which it is important for the parties at a later date to establish what was really said: “I borrowed from you ???”, “I borrowed your car and ???”, “I am responsible for ???”, “It was an accident but ???”, etc.
  10. The elderly and people with memory loss can utilize phone recordings to refresh their memory if needed.
  11. The recording of all calls provides a log that might need to be referred to such as when the phone bill arrives with calls that are to those 866 numbers or wanting to know who made that 2 hour call to Paris.
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